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What Should You Consider When Creating A Whole-House Audio System?

Dijis Discusses 3 Must Haves for Your Music Streaming Solution

What Should You Consider When Creating A Whole-House Audio System?

The team at Dijis works hard to help you create an enjoyable setting for relaxing, entertaining and going about your daily routine. And what better way to unite a home than through the sound of music flowing freely in a home.

Music streaming systems all share one common goal, making all of the music you want to listen to accessible from any room. From speaker placement to controls, the rest is up to you. What should you consider when creating a whole-house audio system?

Streaming from Several Sources

Your wireless music streaming options should allow you to play music throughout your home from any smartphone or tablet, from music services like Pandora and Spotify as well as music stored on tablets, smartphones and computers are now available to play in an audio-enabled location

With audio distribution you (or your guests) can be the DJ, easily sharing the music, stored on your various devices, as well as internet radio stations or podcasts, anywhere in the home. Everyone in the house can enjoy his or her listening preferences anywhere in the home.

Easy to Control and Operate

The ultimate audio system should be easy to operate for everyone in the family and even for invited guests. If you have a family of four, each member should be able to select their own personal library or access a streaming music service from any room in the home, without any hassle. Your multi-room system can incorporate various speaker configurations from surround sound in the media room to in-wall speakers in the bedroom. We will consider your system’s specific requirements and present you with a proposal that uniquely suits your needs.

Strong Central Network

Bluetooth enabled devices are a good option for music streaming if you don’t intend to travel too far from the Bluetooth adapter or receiver. But if you want to streaming music in every room in your residence, an audio setup that runs on your existing Wi-Fi network may be the way to go. At Dijis we know, the kids streaming music outdoors shouldn’t interrupt Granddad watching Netflix in the other room. That is why we incorporate technologies into your system that create adjacent or peer-to-peer networks, so your internet connection is never bogged down. If you would like to stream video throughout your home, a wired or wireless network upgrade may be in order. However if you are in the Northbrook or Lake Forest area, Dijis has you covered.

If you are considering an audio system to stream music from one, two or all of the rooms in your home, give Dijis a call today. Our home experts are happy to customize a reliable and easy to use system that fits your needs.